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About VINELink & State Jails

Defendant with VINELink ServicesIf a loved one has been arrested, your first priority is to locate them in the legal system and find the facility where they are being held. Not having information about a loved one who is incarcerated can be devastating.

As a provider of bail bonds services, Jim Frank Bail Bonds with more than 30 years of experience, one of the first ways we can help you is by locating your loved ones within the correctional system. We work with our clients to provide transparency, help them know exactly what is going on with their loved ones who are behind bars, and go the extra mile for all of our clients. One of the most helpful resources we share with our clients is VINELink.

How VINELink Works

Victim Information and Notification Everyday, also known as VINE, is America’s number one notification network. VINE allows anyone to search for information on the custody status of a defendant. In Maryland, for example, you can use VINELink to find a loved one and receive notices on their status changes. You can also:

  • Find court cases and be notified of court dates
  • Register to be notified of probationer or parolee status changes
  • Find protective order information
  • And much more

How to Find a Defendant with VINELink Services

It’s difficult to receive real-time updates from a loved one who is locked up. Before you know it, they could be transferred or their court dates could be changed. Mail may not reach them in time to learn more about their status, so friends and family members of defendants are often left in the dark.

With VINELink, however, you are able to search for your loved one by:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth or Age

VINELink can also confirm if in fact your loved one has been locked up, as well as their current location. You can also use VINELink services to find out more information on the jail bail bonds and posting jail bail. The information on VINELink is updated every 15 minutes for jails and twice each day for prisons. This may vary depending upon activity at the jail or prison and the resources the facility has on site to update the data.

Maryland Correctional Facilities

The information below shows all correctional facilities in Maryland, their location, and details on visitation.

Facility Location Link to Details
Baltimore City Correctional Center Baltimore Details/Visiting
Brockbridge Correctional Facility Jessup Details/Visiting
BPRU/Jail Industries Building Baltimore Details/Visiting
Chesapeake Detention Facility (Formerly MCAC) Baltimore Details/Visiting
Central Maryland Correctional Facility(Formerly CLF) Sykesville Details/Visiting
Correctional Mental Health Center – Jessup Jessup Details/Visiting
Dorsey Run Correctional Facility Jessup Details/Visiting
Eastern Correctional Institution Westover Details/Visiting
Eastern Correctional Institution Annex Westover Details/Visiting
Eastern Pre-Release Unit Church Hill Details/Visiting
Home Detention Unit Baltimore Details/Visiting
Jessup Correctional Institution Jessup Details/Visiting
Maryland Correctional Institution – Hagerstown Hagerstown Details/Visiting
Maryland Correctional Institution – Jessup Jessup Details/Visiting
Maryland Correctional Institution for Women Jessup Details/Visiting
Maryland Correctional Pre-Release System Admin Offices Jessup Details/Visiting
Maryland Correctional Training Center Hagerstown Details/Visiting
Maryland Reception, Diagnostic and Classification Center Baltimore Details/Visiting
Metropolitan Transition Center Baltimore Details/Visiting
North Branch Correctional Institution Cumberland Details/Visiting
Patuxent Institution Jessup Details/Visiting
Poplar Hill Pre-Release Unit Quantico Details/Visiting
Roxbury Correctional Institution Hagerstown Details/Visiting
Southern Maryland Pre-Release Unit Charlotte Hall Details/Visiting
Threshold Baltimore Details/Visiting
Western Correctional Institution Cumberland Details/Visiting
Baltimore Central Booking and Intake Center Baltimore Details/Visiting
Franklin County Jail Pennsylvania Details/Visiting
Bedford County Jail Pennsylvania Details/Visiting

If your loved one is currently held in one of these facilities, contact us today at 301-416-8148 for Maryland and
717-977-3215 for Pennsylvania.